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Tri-State Institute Location and Distances

Birmingham, Alabama

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Tri State Institute is located in Birmingham, Alabama; population 212,237 in a rural fringe setting.

100 London Pkwy Ste 150
Birmingham, Alabama
35211 USA

Map of Tri-State Institute

Approximate Commuting Distances

Tri State Institute distance from Alabama cities
City Distance
Homewood3 miles
Midfield4 miles
Lipscomb4 miles
Fairfield4 miles
Brighton5 miles
Hoover6 miles
McDonald Chapel7 miles
Vestavia Hills7 miles
Pleasant Grove8 miles
Edgewater8 miles
Bessemer8 miles
Minor8 miles
Mountain Brook8 miles
Indian Springs Village9 miles
Huey9 miles
Forestdale9 miles
Meadowbrook10 miles
Mulga10 miles