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St Olaf College

Reviewed by Colin from Vernon Hills on 2016-05-27

Great campus, great academics, great professors, small class size, friendly people from all over the world, great career development center, nice town with a lot of vitality because it is shared with Carlton College down the street....   Read the full review...

Trinity College

Reviewed by Jay from NYC on 2016-05-26

Locate in an iffy area but once on campus very self contained. Beautiful people who work hard....   Read the full review...

Purdue University Main Campus

Reviewed by Sean from CA, castaic on 2016-05-26

It's Great!!!!...   Read the full review...

University of Houston

Reviewed by Rachel from Houston on 2016-05-23

UH has built a new football stadium, new classroom buildings, a new student center, and has a lot of dining options around campus. Some of the statistics on this site are old, and fail to mention that there are currently more than 8,000 residential beds on campus, making UH second in number of beds for all Texas universities. 3 new residence halls have been built in the last 5 years and demolition is underway to make room for another. UH Football finished number 8 in the...   Read the full review...

Southwest Texas Junior College

Reviewed by Rey DeLeon from on line on 2016-05-23

My instructors up until this past semester were polite and professional, would answer emails and would help you upon request. The two female instructors I had in this spring semester were detached from their students especially my biology instructor. My biology instructor would not answer emails and did not follow her own Syllabus....   Read the full review...

Bossier Parish Community College

Reviewed by Mr. Bronco from TX on 2016-05-23

...   Read the full review...

Lehigh University

Reviewed by N from NJ on 2016-05-18

School has a lack of diversity. Many people change who they are to conform to the Lehigh stereotype: Greek, popular, white, work hard play hard. If you have no desire to be any of these things, do not attend. Also, if you are any major in Arts and Sciences besides anything Bio or Chem related, you are screwed because the classes are not as rigorous as classes in the other schools (ie engineering or business). You'd be better off attending somewhere better or cheaper. Las...   Read the full review...

Bard College at Simon's Rock

Reviewed by LISA from SC on 2016-05-16

Former student. I thought I was accepted based on my outstanding grades. My amazing test scores. But then I found out I got that acceptance letter bc a rich Jewish uncle PRIVATELY PAID THEM to take me. Disgraceful. Furthermore, if you are a conservative Midwesterner. You know, with VALUES. MORALS. You will be almost totally isolated from your ultra liberal peers and foreign peers who can't speak a lick of ENGLISH. Your women's study professor will look at your l...   Read the full review...

Career Technical College Shreveport

Reviewed by Julie from Shreveport on 2016-05-16

They do not care about education its all about money for then if your in Cosmo beware to not get a state board date and don't expect to get your money back for state boards. And beware to have accradation being taking away....   Read the full review...

Cornell University

Reviewed by Katherine from Carthage, NY on 2016-05-15

...   Read the full review...