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Fordham University

Reviewed by Luke from Bethany, CT on 2015-02-26

It's a great place to start a whole new life for yourself. Very nice campus, Very beautiful around spring time. Great academics and great teachers that will help you go through your academics....   Read the full review...

The University of Texas at San Antonio

Reviewed by Richard from San Antonio, TX on 2015-02-21

UTSA is growing in regards to the physical campus and academically. The metrics presented on this website are out of date and if you apply based on what you have read here, you stand a very good chance of being disappointed. SAT requirements today are higher as are those for graduate school and evidently will continue to go up throughout the rest of this decade. Check the school's website for what you will actually need to gain acceptance into UTSA....   Read the full review...

Virginia Military Institute

Reviewed by Larry from Richmond, VA on 2015-02-09

VMI is a MILITARY college. Student life is highly regimented with students or 'cadets' wearing uniforms, attending military duty, living in a barracks with a very Spartan life style. Both the academics and the lifestyle required of a cadet are challenging which tends to reduce graduation rates. A student must succeed not only in class, but in a challenging extracurricular environment....   Read the full review...

Rhodes College

Reviewed by Ally from Memphis, TN on 2015-02-09

Rhodes is not a big-name school. That said, the academics are vigorous and it hard to simply "get by." The student:faculty ratio is fantastic (10:1) and therefore students enjoy a great deal of one-on-one attention. However, this comes with high expectations that you must be prepared to meet. Outside the classroom, the opportunities available for service in memphis are many and allow students to broaden their horizons, often while earning college credit or acting as Rhod...   Read the full review...

Columbia Southern University

Reviewed by Kelly from Orlando, FL on 2015-02-03

Columbia Southern University is an online school. I will complete my degree in June of this year with a GPA of 3.8. This is not a degree mill school. You have to work for your grade. Great school...   Read the full review...