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Texas State University

Reviewed by D******d from Austin on 2017-08-16

Texas State University provides an outstanding college atmosphere with a sense of belonging to something greater than the individual student. What ended up being the greatest reward for me was the post graduation opportunities provided by Alumni. All I heard growing up was hype about A&M and UT Alumni; to my surprise, Texas State Alumns provided me my first two career advancements after college. I highly recommend Texas State University no matter SAT/ACT score it has s...   Read the full review...

Irvine Valley College

Reviewed by R******n from Irvine CA on 2017-08-15

Instructors are heavily biased and pick favorites. Parking is a joke, and the majority of the lot is one-way lanes, but people will still drive on the wrong lane. Administration is useless and is closed most of the time....   Read the full review...

Holy Family University

Reviewed by S******h from Pennsylvania on 2017-08-10

Holy family is very nice. The staff is kind and helpful. It has a very accepting and relaxed and happy atmosphere. Not everyone is catholic so don't feel pressured. It's noticeably different from other campus moods. I personally didn't think the academics were very hard, but the grading system is ridiculous and stupid. I was prevented from getting an A twice because I had a 93. Overall though I've met a lot of nice people and I would recommend this school. ...   Read the full review...

University of Rhode Island

Reviewed by anonymous from on 2017-08-09

...   Read the full review...

College of Lake County

Reviewed by N******n from Lake County, IL on 2017-08-09

CLC is such a wonderful place to begin your undergrad studies or to get certifications! The professors truly care about each and every student and the college community is a real nice, positive place to be everyday. I loved that there were both traditional and non traditional students, like myself! Highly recommended!...   Read the full review...

Siena College

Reviewed by E******h from New York on 2017-08-06

Siena is a fantastic school. At first I didn't want to attend here, but by the time I graduated I was heartbroken I would not be returning. Siena is a school that really cares about the students. It is open, safe and friendly. Once you are involved and start making friends, you will discover it to truly be an exceptional and special college. A very good education, dedicated staff and faculty, and a super committed and faithful alumni. Oh, and Siena basketball...great! Do...   Read the full review...

Kennesaw State University

Reviewed by T******m from Douglasville on 2017-08-02

This maybe premature because this will be my first year in college but I'm very disappointed with my dorm on the Marietta campus. With the amount of money my parents are paying Howell Hall could look alot better than what it does. I thought I was in a scene from nightmare on elm street. When I visited the kennesaw campus it was very nice and I was excited until I saw the Marietta campus all of my excitement left the building. At this point my parents do not want me to a...   Read the full review...

Manhattanville College

Reviewed by H******r from California on 2017-07-31

Being a graduate of Manhattanville, I can say that I feel very well prepared to be out in the "real world". Being at a small college pushed my academically and held me accountable. I made lifelong friends, and have a wonderful career that would not have happened without Manhattanville. Thank you!...   Read the full review...

Bryant and Stratton College Wauwatosa

Reviewed by S******m from Wauwatosa, WI on 2017-07-30

Run, do not waste your money. You will learn nothing, struggle getting an internship, receive no help and the financial aide office staff at Wauwatosa never states the truth, not helpful and I have a strange suspicion that some of the things they do are wrong or illegal. I feel sick that I spent so much money and receive nothing in return....   Read the full review...

Salve Regina University

Reviewed by L******i from Waltham, MA on 2017-07-27

Classes are great, professors really care. Guys involved in the D111 sports act as though they are D1. Party scene is lame unless you are said D111 sports player or date one. For the most part it is a pretty incestuous campus with everyone hooking up with whoever looks good on any night. As far as food goes, it all gets old and boring pretty quick. Dorms are A+...   Read the full review...