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Evangel University

Reviewed by a******s from springfield on 2017-11-16

Lol don't go to school here. If you want freedom and have fun as a college kid, don't go here. You have a curfew. You aren't allowed to hang in other genders rooms unless its an "open dorms" night. During those nights you have to keep your door open at a 90 degree angle, keep your feet on the ground at all times, and they check on you every 30 minutes. If you get caught going out or drinking you will get in a lot of trouble. This place is ridiculous....   Read the full review...

University of Southern California

Reviewed by j******s from los angeles on 2017-11-16

...   Read the full review...

Seattle University

Reviewed by A******x from Arnold-Ruiz on 2017-11-16

Great school! I highly recommend people to go here...   Read the full review...

Boston College

Reviewed by J******n from Boston MA on 2017-11-15

Great school with top academics and professors who love teaching there. Very beautiful and safe area with easy access to Boston only a few miles away. Business school is always among the top rated undergraduate programs and most students have job offers by their junior year. BC alumni connection in New England is very strong. Tuition is high and the school is a little tight with financial aid, but if your kid gets in and you can swing the financial end, send her or him. ...   Read the full review...

California State University Fullerton

Reviewed by S******n from West Covina on 2017-11-15

...   Read the full review...

Roane State Community College

Reviewed by L******a from Crossville on 2017-11-14

I went to Roane State to complete my pre-reqs and my Radiology certificate. I absolutely recommend this school to anyone!...   Read the full review...

Vanderbilt University

Reviewed by M******n from Newark, NJ on 2017-11-14

...   Read the full review...

Pacific Lutheran University

Reviewed by M******x from Portland, OR on 2017-11-14

loved the ideas they spoke about, hated the execution...   Read the full review...

Lock Haven University

Reviewed by A******* from Stroudsburg, PA on 2017-11-13

I transferred from Lock Haven to a different state university after completing my freshman year. I found this town to be horribly miserable and the campus to be clique based (in terms of the social atmosphere). Also, now that I attend a different university, I see how their academics are lacking (at least for my major, Secondary English Education). Many of my professors at LHU were disorganized and rude. Do your research and make sure you visit multiple times before deci...   Read the full review...

Tuskegee University

Reviewed by L******s from Los Angeles on 2017-11-12

Our daughter is attending TU and we love the school for what i has done to mature and grow our daughter in many ways. Her professors really care about her success and helping her navigate college successfully....   Read the full review...