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Newbury College Brookline

Reviewed by L******h from Nanbsggs on 2018-06-19

Overall, this school is amazing. Taught me a lot of amazing skills and made me truly believe in my own success. I recommend this school to anyone. The academics are good. Freshman year is probably the easiest year while attending this college. After freshmen year the course load does increase gradually. It cam be overwhelming at times, but manageable if dedicated. ...   Read the full review...

East Texas Baptist University

Reviewed by S******n from Dallas, Texas on 2018-06-14

Completely AWESOME University! Love their dedication to Christian values and volunteer...   Read the full review...

Baylor University

Reviewed by S******n from Mesquite, Texas on 2018-06-14

I'll be forever grateful for my time at Baylor. Best decision EVER!...   Read the full review...

Oberlin College

Reviewed by E******l from 43004 on 2018-06-13

It has a very diverse student body. Students come from all across the country. Campus was very progressive. Professors were very approachable. I loved my time at Oberlin. It helped me in my formative years. Most students go on to get their graduate degrees. MD, Ph.d, etc. ...   Read the full review...

Texas State University

Reviewed by J******s from Texas on 2018-06-13

It is difficult to go to this school and not get involved into the party scene. However, San Marcos is wonderful and the atmosphere at Texas State is too. ...   Read the full review...

Christopher Newport University

Reviewed by j******m from fairfax county, va on 2018-06-12

Up and coming school that is aiming for greatness. ...   Read the full review...

New Mexico Highlands University

Reviewed by J****** from Albuquerque,NM on 2018-06-06

Poor quality education provided, and the staff do not get in a hurry to help at all, can take over a month to hear back via email, call if you need help, this school does not have an advisement office, you have to schedule an appointment with one of your professors for advisement and they may not know how to help or answer your questions, and not many professors know how to use the tech in the classroom. ...   Read the full review...

Manor College

Reviewed by A******s from Bucks County PA on 2018-06-05

Very small and safe....   Read the full review...

Newbury College Brookline

Reviewed by H******y from Los Angeles on 2018-06-02

The only thing to recommend is the location. The school is very small with teachers and administrators that are petty, self absorbed and downright mean to kids in Sports management program It is expensive with no value or meaning to the education and your future job prospects. Because of the attitude of teachers and staff , it feels like a pit stop or last choice school for many who end up transferring as soon as they can. Grade F-...   Read the full review...

Boston University

Reviewed by J******a from Boston on 2018-06-01

People are competitive but generally very nice, and the education is good. A lot of resources and opportunities offered. Dorms are a little too old. Food is alright. Grade deflation though; average grade is a B (GPA 3.0), think twice if you need your U-grad grade to go to grad school. ...   Read the full review...