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Northcentral University

Reviewed by Delores from Michigan on 2015-03-25

Most students are at the graduate level. Masters programs are easier. The doctoral programs have much to be desired. It is a profit making school run by business people. Changes occur constantly, therefore even if a student is working on something, they must adhere to the new changes. After passing the comprehensive exam, there is an extensive concept paper (CP) required (maybe 40-50 pages) before you can start your dissertation proposal. It is not uncommon for students ...   Read the full review...

Tulane University of Louisiana

Reviewed by Jamie from NY on 2015-03-24

I have two brothers who attended Tulane and I am now attending. Amazing people, beautiful campus, dedicated staff, and just an overall amazing school located right in the heart of the best city in the world....   Read the full review...

Lasell College

Reviewed by Samantha B. from Auburndale, MA on 2015-03-24

...   Read the full review...

McCann School of Business and Technology

Reviewed by Rachel from Allentown, PA on 2015-03-20

Huge waste of money! I am so sorry that I did not look at other options when I went back to school. Everyone that works there is incompetent. Oh, and they are a bunch of liars! don't expect to be able to do anything with a degree from McCann, or get a quality education....   Read the full review...

Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Scottsdale

Reviewed by Marie from Phoenix, AZ on 2015-03-13

Some of the classes aren't what they say they are...the Wine class couldn't get wine so we sat and did nothing, but still had to attend...there were times the instructors wouldn't come to class. There are some amazing instructors but then you have the "chefs" who are there to try to prove they are better....have students they prefer and students they don't like. Your screwed if you are one of those... there is no back up for student complaints. Most of my class dropped o...   Read the full review...