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University of Miami

Reviewed by A******m from Sherwood Arkansas on 2018-04-25

I think it is amazing and my son devontae want to go ...   Read the full review...

Texas A & M University College Station

Reviewed by i******e from college station on 2018-04-24

great worth the money ...   Read the full review...

Texas A & M University College Station

Reviewed by P******n from Moore on 2018-04-24

It is a very high curricular college....   Read the full review...

Iowa State University

Reviewed by S******r from Ames on 2018-04-24

Hope you plan on your tuition increasing by $2-4,000 each year. Sure, our campus is pretty but you'll have to deal with constant construction. Our administration has a thing for hiking tuition to pay for new projects that mean nothing. Most professors suck at their jobs and every once in a while you will get someone who is most likely average somewhere else but looks like a god in comparison to the others here. ...   Read the full review...

Eastfield College

Reviewed by J******f from Howard on 2018-04-23

It is a great college ...   Read the full review...

Savannah College of Art and Design

Reviewed by J******a from Newton Texas on 2018-04-23

Ok overall...   Read the full review...

Chapman University

Reviewed by A******s from Palm Springs, California on 2018-04-23

This school is great....   Read the full review...

University of Chicago

Reviewed by K******n from NJ on 2018-04-23

Fantastic school, highly recommend!...   Read the full review...

Lansdale School of Business

Reviewed by L******o from Phoenixville, PA on 2018-04-20

I signed on in 2015 and still here. When I first came through the doors I was promised that I could "choose" the hours I wanted to attend class, this is a lie they never mention that the classes would be available based on whether or not they have teachers for that semester. Also, my very first class was for anatomy and physiology, a class that shpuld have been given to me after I had taken med term and some remedial courses(for MA associates), fast forward passed teache...   Read the full review...

Bucknell University

Reviewed by J******e from Virginia on 2018-04-20

I feel so lucky to have attended such a great college. It really feels like a community ? small enough to see list of familiar faces, large enough to meet new ones. Professors were very involved, knew our names and participated in after hours events as well. The school makes many efforts to provide a variety of social outlets for kids. Greek life is huge, true, but if you?re not Greek it?s not a problem. My friends were mixed and it was fine, I heartily recommend...   Read the full review...