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University of Miami

Reviewed by Current Student from University of Miami on 2016-07-22

Overall rating: 2/10, Not worth the $45,000 you'll be paying in tuition each year. Want to live in the lovely dorms? Have fun shelling out over $1000/mo to be policed constantly and have your rooms searched Are you a white male? Feel left out as the new president makes "task forces" for every minority group, LGBTQWEPSDF, and women Academics are not a focus of this University. Instead, the University of Miami enjoys raising tuition prices to build new buildings,...   Read the full review...

Southern Utah University

Reviewed by Valerie from Cedar City, UT on 2016-07-16

I've not regretted my decision to come to SUU for a second. I have had so many opportunities present themselves to me here that I wouldn't have at a larger university. It has the perfect atmosphere for anyone who loves outdoor activities and the chance to meet so many new people. Everyone here feels like a family since it's so small and homey. The party scene is kind of lacking, but there is usually somewhere to go on the weekends. St. George is really close as well, and...   Read the full review...

Sam Houston State University

Reviewed by Eric from Spring, TX on 2016-07-16

Great school! Smaller class sizes and country atmosphere but close to Houston. Great business college....   Read the full review...

Saint Mary's College

Reviewed by Brooke from Illinois on 2016-07-07

My daughter graduated from St. Mary's in May. During her four years, she was required to take GenEd courses each year that are of no value to her future. It is confounding to me that the predominantly leftist faculty believe it is their job to instill values. If a kid doesn't have a set of values and a moral compass before entering college, it's not the job of the university to force their own values on that student. Both St. Mary's and Notre Dame offer semesters abroad,...   Read the full review...

University of Richmond

Reviewed by Erin from Massachusetts on 2016-07-02

...   Read the full review...

Miller Motte College Raleigh

Reviewed by Kayla from Raleigh, NC on 2016-06-28

Over priced, feels like you in school high school with juvenile delinquents. Most students have serious mental health issues, students been in out jail, and most of students do not take school serious. This campus do not have enough teachers for the course to be taking; therefore, you have to take online courses which sucks if you not an online learner. Teacher complaints do not get solved. Students are rude to the staff members. ...   Read the full review...

Gwinnett Technical College

Reviewed by Jalisa from Lawrenceville ga on 2016-06-26

I am a non traditional student attending Gwinnett tech. From a non traditional student stand point, the school is great! Everyone is friendly and applying was easy for me. Registering for classes was easy as well. I am 25 so I have already used similar website to register and apply so I really didn't need a lot of help. My teachers are very helpful. You do have to put forth effort! no one will hold your hand. I have A average (GPA) . But overall school wise I like the s...   Read the full review...

Boston College

Reviewed by Alexa from California on 2016-06-18

...   Read the full review...

Bentley University

Reviewed by Bill from San Diego on 2016-06-17

...   Read the full review...

Averett University

Reviewed by Ronald Behringer from Alexandria, Virginia on 2016-06-16

Excellent place to get your BA/BS in education, computer science, math or aeronautics. Classes are the right size and school is flexible enough to help you out if you have a legitimate problem (like being sick during mid-terms). AU is fully accredited and has about a 60% acceptance rate... it's not the Ivy League but there are a surprising number of resources once you get on campus. There is about a 50/50 mix of adults and high school kids. There are also excepti...   Read the full review...