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McCann School of Business and Technology

Reviewed by Claudia from Mechanicsburg,pa on 2017-05-25

...   Read the full review...

LaGrange College

Reviewed by Anna from Augusta, GA on 2017-05-25

LaGrange is not worth the high cost of attendance....   Read the full review...

University of Maryland College Park

Reviewed by Mike from Thompsom on 2017-05-23

...   Read the full review...

Henry Ford Community College

Reviewed by tahaab from America on 2017-05-20

This school is catered more to Arabs and very racist.There is alot of racist remarks made by arab students and when reported is brushed under the rug.This is not a school for black people. They are really bias towards them. And I am am arabic....   Read the full review...

ITT Technical Institute Oak Brook

Reviewed by Malik from Westmont IL on 2017-05-20

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Paul Quinn College

Reviewed by Monique from Dallas, Texas on 2017-05-19

Paul Quinn is a Christian based school, and they enforce a weekly Chapel that every student must attend...unless you seek special approval to do an alternative to chapel. It's rather difficult and a cumbersome task to be exempt from attending Chapel. They also have several mandatory speaking series, and scholarships that you have to attend or apply. This school has a LOT of requirements that is extremely annoying. The staff tends to treat the students like high scho...   Read the full review...

Hampton University

Reviewed by Eric W Wolf from Chapel Hill, NC on 2017-05-18

...   Read the full review...

Wood Tobe Coburn School

Reviewed by Anonymous from New York City on 2017-05-18

My experience in one word: Ripoff. The school pretends to be something it's clearly not. It's not a campus; it's an office space. It's filthy too- mice, roaches, bloody tampons in the toilet. There are no clubs, sports teams, student council, etc. The library is the size of your living room, and you can't check out books! The school has many skeletons in it's closet- affairs between teachers and students, fist fights, theft. It also enforces a strict dress code, but does...   Read the full review...

University of Nevada Las Vegas

Reviewed by Ralphael Shaw from Henderson, Nevada on 2017-05-17

The faculty seems to care. The VA office is extremely helpful. The financial aid office is horrible. The education is okay for Nevada but the many of the professors don't always stick to the curriculum in the book. But with good professor selection, you can come out on top. I had a 3.65 my first semester. Definitely use rate my professor before scheduling your courses in order to get the scoop on the best professors. ...   Read the full review...

Carson Newman College

Reviewed by HUNTER from usa on 2017-05-16

...   Read the full review...