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Central Michigan University

Reviewed by John from michigan on 2016-12-06

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University of Montevallo

Reviewed by M from Main Hall on 2016-12-05

The professors here are very nice, and the classes are all small. Although there isn't a huge party scene, when there are parties, they can be massive. Sports are bigger here than I would have imagined. The dorms are ok. The water in the showers in the main hall is always too hot, and the A/C in Brooke hall isn't controlled by students sleeping in the dorms, so it can get too hot. The food in the Caf is Pretty good. There is Moes, instein, Noodle place, and Starbucks on...   Read the full review...

The University of Alabama

Reviewed by jim from pcb florida on 2016-12-05

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Cuesta College

Reviewed by Gaily l from on 2016-12-04

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University of Florida

Reviewed by Michael from Naples FL on 2016-11-30

My son graduated from University of Florida in 2016. We love the school and believe UF is one of the best universities in America. Not only it is one of the top academic institutions, but also offers a great value. Thanks for the undergraduate education from UF, my son is now attending Duke University to pursue his PhD in research. We are so proud of him and very pleased that UF had prepared him well....   Read the full review...

Piedmont College

Reviewed by from on 2016-11-25

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Hampshire College

Reviewed by Donald from Boston,MA on 2016-11-23

If you want your kid burning a flag and not knowing why this is the place to drop 60K doing it. Spoiled brats looking for a cause with too much time on their hands. ...   Read the full review...

Spencerian College

Reviewed by Caroline from Louisville, KY on 2016-11-22

Spencerian has small classes and the instructors are very involved with the students. They really care and work with you to make sure you succeed. Loved my time there, and they helped me find places to interview after I got my rad tech degree. Awesome school!! ...   Read the full review...

University of Florida

Reviewed by jessica from palm beach gardens on 2016-11-21

My daughter has had a wonderful experience at University of Florida.She did a paid intern as a junior and has landed a full time job last week as a senior. The job happens to be right here in palm beach county my dreams have come true as a former new yorkers to retire to florida and have my daughter nearby. Thank you UF you have transformed my daughter into a mature young lady ready to go very far in the finance world .Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Also please d...   Read the full review...

Rutgers University New Brunswick

Reviewed by from on 2016-11-21

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