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University of Chicago

Reviewed by Mike from Illinois on 2016-10-22

...   Read the full review...

Northeastern State University

Reviewed by Timothy banks from New York, NY on 2016-10-22

I attended NSU for my four year finance degree and now work for Goldman Sachs so I guess everyone has their own different experiences...   Read the full review...

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Reviewed by hannah huchette from newberg oregon on 2016-10-20

I think that UNC is a great school and I think it has great academics and a great lacrosse team. I hope to attended UNC after I graduate in 2019 and major in nursing and play lacrosse for them....   Read the full review...

Interactive College of Technology Chamblee

Reviewed by Carl from Atlanta, GA on 2016-10-20

Dedicated employees, staff, instructors, and students trying to do what is veracious. However, dishonest exploitations at the top of any organization will always trickle down to the lowest levels, and when the top administrators of I.C.T. misuse, abuse, discriminate against, disrespect, and undervalue his/their employees and/or students; those exploitations by the top will eventually ignite into degradation at the bottom. When a worker labors for an individual with a n...   Read the full review...

Piedmont International University

Reviewed by Former from PBC Student on 2016-10-20

Not a great school..anymore. It use to be. I graduated with 1 degree, but ended up when new president came in and they changed things that I now have a worthless degree and 1 that wasnt even offered when I went to school there. Crazy. ...   Read the full review...

Monmouth College

Reviewed by Mason from Monmouth on 2016-10-19

...   Read the full review...

Stanford University

Reviewed by from on 2016-10-19

...   Read the full review...

Loyola University Maryland

Reviewed by from on 2016-10-17

...   Read the full review...

Baldwin Wallace College

Reviewed by Sara-lynn from Ohio on 2016-10-16

Baldwin Wallace is a great place to be! The professors make sure that a student knows what they are doing and are accessible at any time! There are plenty of places to eat and some of the tuition fee actually comes back to you as spending money that can come back as cash at the end of the year if not spent! The students are great to get along with and there are plenty of clubs for everyone including ping pong, gaming, and anime club! This has the small town atmosphere wi...   Read the full review...

City Colleges of Chicago Wilbur Wright College

Reviewed by Alan from Henderson nevada on 2016-10-13

Hi. I attended from 66to68. I thought it was great. It was a elementary school building. Some of the water fountains were really low. I think full time then was like 200 bucks a semester. The outdoor club was their best club. Met my wife in it....   Read the full review...