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The Art Institute of Charlotte

Reviewed by Lea from Charlotte, NC on 2015-08-09

I am naturally shy and introverted. One day I decided to open up and make a point to interact and connect with others, especially faculty, every day. They are great and will help you immensely. Don\'t be afraid to ask for help. Great school. I\'m working hard and I plan to have a good career doing what I love....   Read the full review...

Sweet Briar College

Reviewed by Katie from Ashburn, VA on 2015-08-07

This college offers a fabulous academic environment. It has 3250 acres of rolling hills to hike and bike. Relax at the boathouse or scratch the noses of our sweet horses. The school offers small hands-on classes, accessible professors, and rigorous academics. Have a question in class? Ask it. Want to take a course in something completely outside your major? Go for it. (I took equestrian, organ, fencing, and art history). Students are leaders in everything ins...   Read the full review...

Sweet Briar College

Reviewed by Lou from Illinois on 2015-08-06

As a parent, I would say campus safety was the top thing that made me feel at ease sending my first year 12 hours away from home. The campus is beautiful. The most gorgeous I have ever visited. The faculty and staff are wonderful. The are readily available. They appear to really love what they do, and genuinely care about the students. Many live on campus. One even brought his dog to class! My daughter loved the opportunity to do funded research her first year. The adva...   Read the full review...

Sweet Briar College

Reviewed by Laura from Portland, OR on 2015-08-05

It\'s a small community. So the bar scene on campus is non-existent and the social life very different from that of a large university. However, many faculty and staff live on campus and the remainder very near - I had professors regularly invite us to their homes and keep office hours well into the night.\n\nThe bathroom situation - at least when I was there in 2007 - was far superior to most college dorms I visited. Communal bathrooms are never glamorous, but when your...   Read the full review...

Sweet Briar College

Reviewed by Shannon from Camp Hill, PA on 2015-08-05

Never before in my life have I been able to find a place that so completely accepts the individual that I am. I have personal connections with nearly every one of my faculty members. The friendships that I have fostered here at Sweet Briar are some of the nearest and dearest I have ever experienced. While many of my friends graduated with the class of 2015, I have no doubt that we will remain close, despite being states apart. As someone who visited SBC to prove that it ...   Read the full review...