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The Art Institute of Las Vegas

Reviewed by Ty from Las Vegas on 2015-11-13

Absolute WASTE OF MONEY, if you're interested in the PHOTOGRAPHY program. Photography is their weakest program and their least concern. They teach a LOT of useless information, about Photography HISTORY, Color Theory, which has LITTLE to do w/ Photographers, Critique of Photography, etc.. They say they offer a full gamut of photography classes, but fail to tell you that the classes are very seldomly made available from one Semester to the next. I attended for ONE ...   Read the full review...

The Juilliard School

Reviewed by Erick from New England on 2015-11-13

You not only have to have a passion about what you want to study but have been endowed with the talent to be the best in what you do....   Read the full review...

Texas State University

Reviewed by Sam from Austin, Texas on 2015-11-13

The school is gorgeous and world class. Students pride themselves on the spring-fed river, local businesses and their proximity to jobs/internships in nearby big cities Austin and San Antonio....   Read the full review...

Troy University

Reviewed by Julian Achemdey from Troy, Alabama. on 2015-11-11

If you are looking for good faculty, calm and serene campus, good athletics and of course beautiful range of students to interact with, you have just found the right place!...   Read the full review...

Montreat College

Reviewed by john doe from montreat on 2015-11-04

If your looking to study and pray, and nothing more this is the place for you. Mandatory chapel or community service was a negitive. I hated my time here. There is literally nothing to do. Being a student athlete at this school was even worse. Winning isn't even on the radar for most coaches, as they spend most of their time trying to make your life more about following Jesus, rather than athletic success. Zero parties at this school. The few that did take place ended u...   Read the full review...

Miller Motte Technical College

Reviewed by Anonymous from SC on 2015-11-02

Most of their programs do not thoroughly educate you enough to find a job after graduation and also, they do not tell you that many fields you will not only need the degree for, but also a few years experience in order to get hired....   Read the full review...

West Virginia Business College Wheeling

Reviewed by Jennifer from Wheeling on 2015-11-01

If I could have scored any negatives, all categories would be negative! I graduated with a Specialized Associate degree in Paralegal/Office Administration. The school did not prepare me for the position I would hold in the future. I worked at various law offices for approximately three years and was never able (my boss as well) to feel comfortable with my skills and abilities to do the job, hence the 'various' offices I was employed with. The education you get at this sc...   Read the full review...

Florida Gulf Coast University

Reviewed by Jackie from North Lake on 2015-10-28

FGCU has a beautiful campus and atmosphere. The students are very easy to get along with and teachers are willing to help students during their office hours and make time for them to help them however they can. I definitely recommend this school....   Read the full review...

Prairie State College

Reviewed by Erika from south holland il 60473 on 2015-10-28

I like prairie state because the atmosphere at this college is awesome and the faculty here is very nice and willing to help you succeed the staff is great with helping you out . The financial aid workers enrollment worker the workers in the couseling department are very polite and helpful ....   Read the full review...

Dakota County Technical College

Reviewed by from on 2015-10-21

Financial aid dept is a mess. Hard to speak to anyone or get answers. Messed up my bill so I had to come up with $400 more on the spot. Changing to a new grading system based on test scores that is completely asinine. Look elsewhere unless you would like a lesson in frustration...   Read the full review...