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Triangle Tech Inc Greensburg

Reviewed by Mathew from Greensburg, PA on 2014-08-27

I have just started at Greensburg for welding. Our current instructor who is a new hire has no experience teaching or instructing. We have been given tests that he cant answer the questions to, he is unable to tell the difference between metric and standard, chews during class even though there is a no tobacco policy, makes up answers that he does not know the answer to, give tests on chapters not covered, skips material in the book he is not familiar with so we only le...   Read the full review...

Wayne County Community College District

Reviewed by JT from Detroit, MI on 2014-08-26

Financial Aid office is very unprofessional. Every semester I had a problem and they sent me in circles. Everybody in there puts you off on somebody else. Some good instructors though. Read the reviews about them before you take their class. Financial Aid staff get an F- Students act like 4th graders if the teacher allows it. The only college that starts off in the Fall and not offer classes to start a program. Horrible curriculum!!!...   Read the full review...

Kaplan University Hagerstown Campus

Reviewed by Jennifer from New Market, MD on 2014-08-26

Halfway through my AAS in Paralegal Studies and have not had any problems with Kaplan....   Read the full review...

University of North Texas

Reviewed by Cristal from Denton on 2014-08-11

Very diverse....   Read the full review...

Cottey College

Reviewed by Anonymous from Canada on 2014-08-07

Terrible experience, college not as described in their literature. Financial Aid Dept. unhelpful, quality of education has suffered with new President Dr. Rodgers....   Read the full review...