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Monmouth College

Reviewed by Mike from Illinois on 2016-04-30

The professors would rather teach than research/publish, which is the opposite of larger schools. Classes are never taught by TA's and the class sizes are very small. Personal attention from professors is through the roof....   Read the full review...

University of Houston

Reviewed by Anonymous from Houston on 2016-04-29

...   Read the full review...

Arizona State University

Reviewed by Lee from New England on 2016-04-27

Excellent education and excellent overall college experience. ...   Read the full review...

Texas Christian University

Reviewed by Lesly from Fort Worth on 2016-04-26

More females than males! Very Greek school - small classes and tight knit community. Very proud and a lot of school spirit! ...   Read the full review...

McCann School of Business and Technology

Reviewed by Nana from Dickson city on 2016-04-26

Run fast from this school! They overcharge, do not have proper teachers training you, hands on???... What a joke! Am in debt with no degree, took med lab tech course, never got an extern site, why...cause there were none. No one wanted anyone associated with this school. All the do is take your money, staff is rude and can't be bothered with you. Would never recommend anyone to this joke....   Read the full review...

Kansas City Art Institute

Reviewed by Kenneth from Rayong Thailand on 2016-04-25

First KCAI is a private school for profit, as a former student 1964, the first thing I learned was if you are going to KCAI to learn to be a better artist you are wasting your time. As a freshmen I was a better artist basic artist (meaning I could pick up a pencil and draw a portrait, landscape or a rendering of a house or car) than any of the teachers I had in my freshmen and sophomore year. If you are looking at making art a profession then save your money and go to ...   Read the full review...

University of Puget Sound

Reviewed by Kyle Gray from Iowa on 2016-04-20

A great school that changed my life...   Read the full review...

Tuskegee University

Reviewed by Robert from Milwaukee on 2016-04-20

President totally unqualified for job. Poor leadership at all levels. The remnants of a former great institution. Beautiful campus ...   Read the full review...

William Carey University

Reviewed by Brendon from hattiesburg on 2016-04-19

William Carey is rated the best value college in the south. It is a great more family like atmosphere...   Read the full review...

Fordham University

Reviewed by Micaiah from Rose Hill on 2016-04-18

We love this school!...   Read the full review...