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West Virginia Business College Wheeling

Reviewed by Jennifer from Wellsburg on 2017-04-21

If I could score negatively, I would in every category! This 'institution' is a scam and a fraud! Loans taken out in students names by financial aid without student consent. Most of all, the 'education' you receive will not prepare you for the job you want to have! It took me 4 years bouncing from law firm to law firm before they would fire me just to keep a job until I finally decided to go back to school in a totally unrelated field. Now, I have massive student loan de...   Read the full review...

University of Northern Iowa

Reviewed by George from Iowa on 2017-04-20

Great school! Perfect size, with a lot of majors, but not too big to get lost in the crowd....   Read the full review...

Auburn University

Reviewed by Patrick from Pensacola on 2017-04-18

A larger state university in a smaller town. Most activities center around the university. Good balance of hard work and play. ...   Read the full review...

Hampshire College

Reviewed by Karol from Rhode Island on 2017-04-14

Hampshire changes lives! It's unique approach to education allows students to follow their passions with a depth that most undergraduates don't get to experience. So while some may think it unchallenging because of it's written evaluation/no grades policies, most students are intensely involved in rigorous research. Access to professors is wide open and students are treated as fellow intellects. Accessibility to traditional courses is easily given through the five colleg...   Read the full review...

Adelphi University

Reviewed by Ashley from Garden City on 2017-04-14

...   Read the full review...

Smith College

Reviewed by Anonymous from Anonymous on 2017-04-13

Great academics, but I do regret the social scene balance. ...   Read the full review...

Stephens College

Reviewed by anon from Columbia, Mo on 2017-04-13

There is a lot of secretiveness about the campus, the professors and faculty are amazing for what they are able to do but the administration is lacking and very corrupt in my opinion. There is no telling as to where any money goes and I've only seen the president of the school about five times since I've attended. If there is a possibility you might transfer, don't attend because they try to keep you here by setting up obstacles in your path. Many credits won't transfer ...   Read the full review...

Chowan University

Reviewed by Amanda from VA on 2017-04-11

Chowan is a small private school in NC with a Christian foundation. However, the faith is not pushed on students. The small environment provides intimate learning and lasting relationships with students and faculty. The Faculty truly care for the students as people. Unlike larger universities, you are not just a number, you matter....   Read the full review...

California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo

Reviewed by Julie from 93436 on 2017-04-09

...   Read the full review...

James Sprunt Community College

Reviewed by sara from smith on 2017-04-07

...   Read the full review...