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Alabama State University

Reviewed by J. Lewis from Montgomery,AL on 2016-08-22

I'd say if you o/s (out of State) make certainly sure that you have enough $$ to attend. It's always seems like the i/s (In-State) student get more fin aid cause they don't have to travel. Don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful school and all you get to meet new people from all over but don't let the financial aid office jip you out of tuition money. ...   Read the full review...

University of Colorado Boulder

Reviewed by Alexa from Boulder on 2016-08-22

After two years, I am transferring colleges. The dorms are in terrible condition, women get cat called regularly when walking to their homes, and it seems like admission prices and student acceptance rate rise each year. It is as if they are trying to get as much money as possible without improving the school....   Read the full review...

The Art Institute of Charlotte

Reviewed by 1 in 200 that made a career for myself in the design field. from Charlotte NC on 2016-08-20

If it were not for my husband who is an investment banker in the city, I would have never paid my loans back. I was able to land a $10-$12 an hour job working in interior design in Charlotte. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT spend 130k in tuition to make less than $22k a year with no benefits....   Read the full review...

The Art Institute of Charlotte

Reviewed by Truth from Heaven on 2016-08-20

Your business is a for profit ripoff. You prey on poor, innocent young children that are looking to latch on to a well accredited university that can help make themselves have a better life. You know very well that you are taking advantage. What you are doing should be illegal and you know it. But you have to live with what your doing....   Read the full review...

The University of Texas at Dallas

Reviewed by Ruby from Prosper, TX on 2016-08-18

Excellent university with exceptional faculty and staff. Great education for the money spent. Wonderful professors and amazing classmates. The campus has been updated and it looks amazing....   Read the full review...

Connecticut College

Reviewed by Fuzzo from Pittsburgh, PA on 2016-08-17

...   Read the full review...

Colorado Technical University Online

Reviewed by Jessica from Pomona, Ca on 2016-08-16

This school will cost you your credit score, as for getting a job good luck since I have had a problem since my loans and grants did not wind up covering the school tuition so they are witholding transcripts so I will never be able to move forward....   Read the full review...

University of Arkansas at Monticello

Reviewed by MELISSA from LA on 2016-08-06

This is a good for you if you are strictly all about academics....   Read the full review...

Bennington College

Reviewed by Paul from Lander on 2016-08-06

The chance to grow, think and, all the while, learning from an elite faculty. If stretching yourself creatively is your thing, there's no better atmosphere. ...   Read the full review...

Weatherford College

Reviewed by Austin from saginaw tx on 2016-08-05

100% amazing...   Read the full review...