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Choosing a school is exciting, humbling, stressful and overwhelming. Many web sites purport to have all the answers, but in the end it comes down to you - the prospective student making a potentially life changing decision based on some facts and a bit of gut intuition. We hope the collegiate statistics and factual analysis offered on this site will make this process a little easier.

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Prairie View A & M University

Reviewed by Elvin from Houston, TX on 2014-12-17

The classes are good size for effective learning & teaching. The campus life is electric and school spirit is like none other!!!!! WHO YA ROUTIN FOR!!!!!!!! P.V.U....   Read the full review...

Toccoa Falls College

Reviewed by from on 2014-12-12

...   Read the full review...

Haverford College

Reviewed by Frank from Pasadnea, CA on 2014-12-02

Outstanding faculty offering individual accessibility. With a non egotistical attitude toward "prestige " those who know, know Haverford....   Read the full review...

Bethel College Mishawaka

Reviewed by Lars from Indiana on 2014-11-17

...   Read the full review...

University of Phoenix Boston Campus

Reviewed by from on 2014-11-14

...   Read the full review...