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University of California Davis

Reviewed by ari from ca on 2016-09-27

...   Read the full review...

Manhattanville College

Reviewed by Shanice from Purchase, NY on 2016-09-23

Manhattanville College has provided me with the best experience. Being in my last year, I have come to appreciate all the different resources and opportunities that the college has provided me in order to succeed in the real world. The small campus has allowed me to get to know everyone. The faculty team is phenomenal! They are real professionals who give you real advice for the career path you plan to take. The campus life is great! There is always something to do durin...   Read the full review...

Manhattanville College

Reviewed by Jackson from Manhattanville College on 2016-09-23

This school is exactly what you make of it. A lot of students worry that the small size will affect your social life, but those choices are up to you to make. I personally keep myself very busy and put effort into seeing people so this college works out for me fine. The professors are wonderful and 90% of them have a PhD....   Read the full review...

Manhattanville College

Reviewed by Pat from Purchase on 2016-09-23

Manhattanville is a great experience of learning as well as insightful and fun! I have gotten such a great education and can't wait to experience more!...   Read the full review...

Manhattanville College

Reviewed by Dina from 2900 Purchase St on 2016-09-22

Manhattanville College is a place where you can meet people from around the world. We are also a small liberal arts school which means that my professor knows my name, I am not just a number. There are also so many majors to choose from and if by some chance we don't have the major you want, we have self-designed program as well. Lastly, our campus is beautiful no matter what the weather is....   Read the full review...

Manhattanville College

Reviewed by Lizza Gonzalez from 2900 purchase st on 2016-09-21

Manhattanville College has given me the opportunity to find out what I want to study, and it has so many options of internship for us to have different kind of experience and be sure of what we want to do when we finish college....   Read the full review...

Webber International University

Reviewed by James from Babson Park, FL on 2016-09-21

Webber costs a lot of money, but the campus is run-down. Mold grows in the men's dorm and all they do to fix it is put bleach on the area and tell the guys to go back in. It's sad. Also, the staff aren't very smart. The faculty are ok, but they just teach class and leave. And the cafeteria only serves fried food. The school is in the middle of orange groves. It's not a good place. You are better off going to a community college....   Read the full review...

Manhattanville College

Reviewed by Alondra from New York on 2016-09-20

The Manhattanville College (Mville) campus is beautiful all year round; from the first snow fall to the first flower blooming in the spring. There is nothing like sitting on the quad with Reid Castle in the background while enjoying the sunshine with your friends. Mville also offers small class sizes, over 50 different majors to choice from and a community from all over the world. ...   Read the full review...

Manhattanville College

Reviewed by Madison from New York on 2016-09-20

Manhattanville is a great place for someone who loves small class sizes, qualified professors, and a campus with tons of activities. I love how close we are to NYC because there are tons of opportunities both career related and socially. My professors really care and that makes such a difference. Definitely a personalized and well rounded education through and through. ...   Read the full review...

Manhattanville College

Reviewed by Hannah from Purchase, NY on 2016-09-20

What brought me to Manhattanville was the small, beautiful campus and the small classrooms. Professors know you by name and make time for you if you need help, and are also highly qualified. White Plains, Manhattan, and Connecticut are right at the student's fingertips; the campus offers free transportation throughout White Plains and to the city. I love that the campus is a tight-knit community where I have hundreds of resources available to me as a student, free of co...   Read the full review...