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Miller Motte College

Feb 10, 2024
Current Student

I have to say that their online courses have worked out great for me and I'm on schedule to graduate June 30th, 2024. I'm 58 years old and have a farm to maintain, animals to care for, etc. Anyone who lives on a farm, grew up on a farm, or maybe has had family that is farmers know it's a lot of hard work and long hours, but by being able to take the IT Tech courses online that I had wanted to take for years, I was able to study at my own pace and get my Associates Degree in just two years. They prepare you for the CompTIA A+ certification, which is a must these days to land a good-paying job in the tech industry. They have a great support staff and some outstanding professors who have always been there for me with any problems I have experienced along the way, both personal and academic. I highly recommend Miller-Motte College and its online courses to anyone wanting to further their education but can't attend a traditional campus. It's a great investment in one's self and your future.

Dominican University of California

Feb 9, 2024
Current Student

My overall experience of DUC is that I wish I would've attended a different university. The faculty are knowledgeable, specially in the biology department. They actually care about you learning and making it in the field. Staff on the other hand, are rude, unprofessional and act as if they hate their job. The quality of education is not worth the money you pay. The library has been closed for 7 months now and there aren't enough spaces to study. Don't waste your time, energy and/or money.

Landmark College

Feb 9, 2024

Landmark's former mission was helping ADD students develop executive functioning skills so they could be successful in a four-year college program and in the workplace. My husband attended Landmark for one year 30 years ago, and it helped him immensely. More recently it has become a college that caters to autistic young adults and to students with varying degrees of mental issues. This type of school is certainly needed, but it should be marketed as such. That being said, Landmark is not well run by any measure. The dorms are deplorable - my son's dorm had no hot water for showering or washing. He had food poisoning no fewer than 3 times, after which he ate at local fast-food restaurants (and lost 35lbs in the process). Although we paid extra for the "transition to college (TaC) program, he received little help. There was one, full-time professional in charge of that program, with other "staff" positions filled by current or former students who had little to no training. When we requested that half of the TaC tuition be reimbursed when we withdrew him in December, we were told that they could not reimburse our money. Of my son's 13 friends there, all but three withdrew after the first semester. that says something about how deplorable the conditions are at Landmark College and about how dishonest their marketing has become. The school is poorly run - many untrained staff, poorly maintained dormitories, literally bad food - and I would not recommend it to any prospective family who is concerned about the well-being of their child.