North Star Academy


Student Enrollment
Best Elementary School in California
 Rating 10 out of 10
Grades 3rd grade to 9th grade
School District Redwood City Elementary
Type Public
 Phone (650)482-5973
 Location 400 Duane St.
Redwood City, CA 94062
Charter School No

North Star Academy has an academic rating significantly above the average for California elementary schools based on its high test performance. It is ranked 22nd in the best public elementary schools in California.

Data Citation: Unless otherwise noted, all information on this page is retrieved or calculated from data reported to the the U.S. Department of Education National Center for Education Statistics Common Core of Data and Civil Rights Data Collection for the 2014/2015 school year.

Racial Demographics

The North Star Academy student body is mainly White with a sizeable Hispanic population and has high racial diversity.

Race Percent Students
Asian Pacific11.8%63
Native American Indian0.2%1
Hawaiian Pacific Inlander0.2%1
Two or more races5.5%29

Family Income

vs. other California elementary schools
Upper 9.6%

10.2% percent of the school's students are eligible for free lunch under the National School Lunch Program compared to the California elementary school median of 57.8%. By this measure, North Star Academy students are largely wealthy and rank 550th in California for elementary school student family income.

Enrollment by Grade

Grade Students
3rd Grade81
4th Grade90
5th Grade92
6th Grade90
7th Grade91
8th Grade88


State Standardized Test Performance

Proficient Students
Rank in California
10 out of 10

Students at North Star Academy scored an average 90% of students proficient for math and reading as tested by the California Department of Education. Performance is significantly above the state elementary school median of 34% proficiency and places the school's test performance in the top 1.3% of California elementary schools.

Test Proficiency By Gender

Gender Math Proficient Reading Proficient
Girls80% to 84%*90% to 94%*
Boys90% to 94%*90% to 94%*

State Test Proficiency by Subgroup

Subgroup Math Proficient Reading Proficient
American Indiansuppressed*suppressed*
Asian & Pacific Islander95% or more*95% or more*
Black50% or more*50% or more*
Hispanic70% to 74%*85% to 89%*
Multiracial80% or more*80% or more*
White90% to 94%*90% to 94%*
With Disabilites80% or more*80% or more*
Limited English50% or more*50% or more*

*Indicates statistic has been anonymized to protect student privacy.

Absenteeism Rate

School State
Overall Chronic Absenteeism Rate3%9%
Female Chronic Absenteeism Rate2%
Male Chronic Absenteeism Rate4%

Police Referral Rate

Group Percent Referrals
All Students0%0
California Median0%

Police Arrest Rate

Group Percent Arrests
All Students0%0

Expulsion Rate

Group Percent Expulsions
All Students0%0
California Median0%

In-School Suspension Rate

Group Percent Suspensions
All Students0%0
California Median0%

Out-of-School Suspension Rate

Group Percent Suspensions
All Students0.4%2


North Star Academy
400 Duane St.
Redwood City, CA

10 out of 10 1


Redwood City Elementary
Redwood City, CA