Vermont Colleges for a low SAT score

Getting into college in Vermont with a low SAT score.

Test taking is stressful. Not everyone rocks their SAT test. A low score doesn't mean you can't get into college. We've prepared a list of all selective admission, four year Vermont colleges which are likely to accept students who scored in the lower fifty percentile on the SAT. Based on school admission history, an applicant with a lower than average SAT has a good chance to get into these 4 schools. Schools are listed in order from low SAT score to highest.

Filter colleges for low SAT scores by state
College SAT 25th% SAT 75th%
College of St Joseph - Vermont 1010 1160  Chance
Johnson State College - Vermont 950 1170  Chance
Castleton State College - Vermont 1000 1200  Chance
Lyndon State College - Vermont 1010 1240  Chance