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SWCC Location and Distances

Creston, Iowa

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Southwestern Community College is located in Creston, Iowa; population 7,834 in a rural fringe setting.

1501 W. Townline Street
Creston, Iowa
50801 USA

Map of SWCC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Southwestern Community College distance from Iowa cities
City Distance
Cromwell5 miles
Orient9 miles
Kent9 miles
Afton10 miles
Arispe12 miles
Prescott13 miles
Shannon City14 miles
Macksburg14 miles
Lenox16 miles
Greenfield17 miles
Lorimor17 miles
Thayer18 miles
Fontanelle18 miles
Tingley18 miles
Diagonal18 miles
Bridgewater19 miles
Corning20 miles
Clearfield20 miles