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Patten University Location and Distances

Oakland, California

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Patten University is located in Oakland, California; population 390,724 in a large city setting.

2433 Coolidge Ave
Oakland, California
94601 USA

Map of Patten University

Distance from Major Metropolitan Areas

Patten University distance from Major Cities
City Distance
Los Angeles336 miles
San Diego447 miles
Phoenix638 miles
Dallas1,471 miles
San Antonio1,474 miles
Houston1,630 miles
Chicago1,842 miles
Philadelphia2,507 miles
New York2,559 miles

Distance from California Cities

Patten University distance from California cities
City Distance
Fremont25 miles
San Jose40 miles
San Francisco45 miles
Stockton51 miles
Sacramento68 miles
Modesto68 miles
Fresno150 miles
Bakersfield246 miles
Los Angeles336 miles
Long Beach357 miles
Anaheim369 miles
Santa Ana371 miles
San Bernardino373 miles
Irvine378 miles
Riverside379 miles
San Diego447 miles
Chula Vista462 miles