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Appalachian State University

Reviewed by D******a from Charlotte on 2017-10-05

If your child has had a citation for underage drinking or marijuana possession do not disclose it to this university or any within the UNC system. They will have a target on their back. My sons room was searched because someone "thought" they smelled marijuana. When he demanded a search warrant they only got a warrant for his half of the room. There's something wrong if you smell something under the door and you don't search the entire room Granted many parents will find this comforting but in this day and age when marijuana is legal in so many states this smacks of targeting. After six weeks he is now on probation and is probably not going to finish out the school year Appalachian as 11th on the list of all colleges in the country for arrests for drug and alcohol use. This is the time when kids experiment and make it out alive for the most part. My son will be leaving the school for a better place in December This is a good kid who doesn't deserve this.

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